Tips on using one2one


While you wait

You may have to wait to speak to the counsellor, this gives you time to think about what you want to say. There is information, videos and games to occupy you. You will be alerted when you are first in the queue.


Be open and honest

To help you as much as we can you need to open up, remember your chat is confidential. 



Make sure there is nothing to distract you while you are talking to the counsellor

It takes time to type a response, and the counsellor wants to give you the best help possible. There may be a pause before the counsellor replies.



 If you do not understand something you are told don't be afraid to ask.



 Reading your notes

The counsellor may need to read back through your notes from a previous chat so she can be up to date on your story. This may take a few minutes. Be patient!



Give it time

Problems rarely get sorted immediately and you may want to come back for a further session. The counsellor is not here to fix your problem or tell you what to do, but to support you to work out how to move forward with things.


This service is not for answering straight forward questions

If you have a straight forward question to ask go back to the cool2talk website. one2one is for talking something through that is troubling you and getting in the way of you living a happy and fulfilling life.



Information exchanged on here is secure and confidential. If you are using a computer in school, or library or cafe, your confidentiality may be compromised. Remember to log off and carefully sign out.



As with any counselling work, the counsellor will have supervision, this involves getting support with the work she carries out here. Any identifying words will be removed before she shares the work with a supervisor.


It’s your turn!