This is a CONFIDENTIAL service


Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what you have said. This site is confidential and you can feel safe talking to us, knowing that no one else will find out.


We would only need to say or do something if:

  • You ask us to


  • We believe your life or someone else's life is in danger


  • You are being hurt by someone in a position of trust


  • You tell us you are seriously harming another person.



Although we have no information about you that allows us to identify you, there may be times when we are really worried about your safety, or someone elses safety and we need to tell someone about what is happening.


We will only tell someone if we feel it is an emergency and we will try to talk to you about it first. We are here to support you.


If this is the case there is a way we can request your IP address (a number unique to your computer) which means we can get you the help you need. We have strict guidelines about when we can do this and we would always try to talk to you first, before we pass this information on.

It’s your turn!